Taxi Training Prices

Taxi License Application Fees

These fees are payable at various stages of the application process.

Taxi Driver License Application (including Access NI check)
£140 (payable to D.F.I)
Taxi Driver Theory Test
£34 (payable to D.V.A)
Taxi Driver Practical Test
£60 (payable to D.V.A)
Medical Assessment
£60 (payable to G.P.)*

*The medical is carried out by your own G.P prices can vary

Taxi Driver Theory Classes

We are currently running Taxi Driver theory classes to find out when the next available class is please contact us or visit our facebook page

August / September

In Car Training for Practical Test

It is highly recommended that candidates seek the help of a professional instructor before taking the practical test as the Taxi Test is a lot more stringent than a Learner Test.
Not everyone's driving will be up to the high standard needed to pass.

If you don't have a car or your car isn't up to the regulation standard ( 4/5 door & 3.96m in length or above) we can provide one for you.

Hourly Rate
Car Hire for Taxi Test

Taxi Driver CPC / Periodic Training