Taxi Learning FAQ's

Taxi Driver License Application £140.00
(this includes Access NI check)
Taxi Driver Theory Test £34.00
Taxi Driver Practical Test £60.00
Taxi Driver Practical Test (Evening & Weekend) £90.00
(not available in all test centres).

These fees are payable to D.F.I & D.V.A & can be paid at different stages of the process.

Yes, all new applicants will have to visit their GP to fill out a medical declaration, most GP's charge a fee for this (usually around £60)

The entire process can take up to 12 weeks. To speed up the process we recommend applying for stages 1 & 2 together.

Not necessarily, you can still obtain a Taxi License if you have previous convictions, motoring convictions or penalty points. All new applicants will have to apply for an Access NI check this is included in the £140 application fee.

Yes your car will have to have 4/5 doors & be over 3.96 metres in overall length & have a rear view mirror fitted for the examiner.

Yes you can, we can provide a car for training purposes & for the Practical Test. We are also in partnership with leading Taxi Operators throughout Belfast & Northern Ireland who can supply you with a vehicle once you've obtained your Taxi License

The Taxi Test is of an advanced nature & is a lot more stringent than a Learner Driver Test. A lot more is expected from the candidate. Not everyone's driving is up to this standard. We recommend that you take a few hours training with an A.D.I (Approved Driving Instructor) who has the relevant information in regards to the test.

It's difficult to put an actual figure on this as no two potential Taxi Drivers are the same, on average most candidates take between 5-10 hours training.