Taxi Driver Theory Classes



Passing the Taxi Theory Test is the first stage of the application process to becomming a licensed Taxi Driver in Northern Ireland.

The Taxi Theory Test is based on the following training manual.

The training manual is where the majority of questions are taken from as well as The Official Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs.

Through our own experience and through feedback from previous candidates we understand that this can be the toughest stage of the process.

We believe this is the toughest stage due to the lack of information and study materials available. Therefore we have developed theory classes to assist and enhance your knowledge, skills and understanding of the training manual to help prepare you for the exam.

Due to the volume of questions to be presented and discussed the classes are split into two sessions each lasting around two to three hours. We aim to run at least one class per week but can facilite more as required. To help you absorb as much information as possible we keep the classes small (usually five or less).

We strongly recommend that you read the training manual thoroughly before booking the class or taking the theory test.

To check dates, times & availability of our classes contact us on: 07885492157 or email us