Learner Driving Training

Learning to drive is more important than ever in today’s tough economic climate, it can mean all the difference when applying for a job, making the most of university or simply cutting the cost of getting around. At Apex, one of the top driving schools in Belfast, we are committed to teaching you to develop safe and solid driving skills in a friendly and professional environment.

Learner Driving

The Process

1. Get Training With Us

2. Theory Test

3. Practical Test

4. Become a R Driver!

Apex Driver Training offer driving lessons in the Belfast area and provide some of the most experienced instructors in the industry, all of which possess over 10 years of experience each. This level of experience is invaluable to students and is usually the difference between a pass and a fail. We treat every student individually to ensure that each student gets the most out of their lessons as everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses that can be addressed.

Often the first question that is asked when searching for a Driving Lessons in Belfast is ‘how much do they cost?’, and ‘what’s the cheapest prices around?’. Something that often gets overlooked is the actual pass rates. Apex Driver Training offer very competitive pricing structures but as well as this we also produce some of the highest pass rates in the city. The reason for this is purely down to the high level of quality of our instructors and training. Going to the cheapest instructor can be tempting but keep in mind cheap packages are not always a cheap as they seem. It’s always a good idea to make sure your instructor is an Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I)

It’s very difficult to put an estimate on the amount of lessons required for a driving license, however the Driving Standards Agency does recommend around 45 hours. For some they may do this in half the time, others may take longer. It also depends on the frequency of lessons as it can be easy to forget over long periods of time. Apex offer a very personal touch when it comes to lessons. If a student is stuck with a particular issue we will help ensure that it is addressed and continue to work on it until it has been mastered. In the long run this is a very effective technique as sometimes overlooking these issues often lead to bigger problems down the line.

Apex offer driving lessons in Belfast starting at £20 for intensive courses, block bookings & multiple lessons per week.

Included as part of your lessons you will be provided with the latest theory test software and be given your own unique login name and password to access this. This will provide you with test questions and also the hazard perception video software to ensure that you are completely up to date and confident before entering the exam.

For anyone living in Belfast or for those who travel to work or study then they will quickly come to realise that in order to travel from one part of the city to another it tends to require multiple journeys. If I wanted to travel from the South of the city for example to the North, East or West of the city it would require a bus to the city centre and then require another bus to the next location, all of which travel from various streets through the city centre. Although Belfast City Council has tried to address this with the Metro Travel Cards over recent years with very competitive rates it still hasn’t resolved the problem of multiple bus routes for distances less than a couple of miles, which often leaves commuters very frustrated and sometimes in worst case scenarios…stranded for long periods of time. The reason why the city’s transport infrastructure is so badly designed was not by accident but is quite unique to Belfast as it was actually deliberately designed like this during our recent troubled past to ensure that troubled interfaces did not come into direct contact and to also control and cut off sections of the city during security alerts. Unfortunately there is no quick fix to this transport issue and to this day there is still the issue of peace walls that also prohibit transport when it comes to buses.